I love books.

I have to say it again: I love books. They have so much value if you find the right books for you. The first “big” books I read were the Harry Potter books. After that came many fantasy books. I loved it. Old castles, magic, dragons! Oh dragons, I fucking love dragons.

But to come to the point: READ.

Please read as much as you can about anything you want. The last half a year I was crazy getting books from the library. I read books about everything. I read about Buddhism, skydiving, Flamenco dancing, cats, music, Spain, books by Paulo Coelho (which I am a big fan of), about architecture, computer games, singing and juggling and playing Ukulele and and and…

I never read so much in my life as in the last 6 months. Before that books where just entertainment for me and the books we read in school were boring. But then I found the real value in books and since then it was a hell of a ride. THAT is education. Whatever you want to know about, just grab a book. That is YOUR education. It is what YOU want to know about. It’s not watching TV or reading books in school or books somebody gave to you as a gift. You have the opportunity to grow here in whatever direction you want to.

I will list some books here I read and really liked, books that inspired me. Maybe you read some of them too, maybe you want to read them because they sound interesting. If you have any books that changed your life or inspired you, just write a comment below and share your experience.

Thank you,



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