I love movies!

I know, I know…I love books too and I love this and love that…I love the whole world in fact *sight* So much loving…

Movies can lift you up or bring you down. They can make you cry or put a smile on your face. They can make you laugh and they can make you angry. They guide you through emotions. They can light your fire, change your view of the world and your life. If you let them…

You ask how? You just have to watch movies with your heart. And how do you watch movies with your heart? Well, you have to BE the movie, you have to be the characters, you have to devote yourself fully to the movie. Then you can feel when it rings inside you.

I am a very emotional person. When I watch movies I can always feel with the characters. I can feel their pain or feel their joy. Every time I watch a good movie my emotions get a restart and when the movie ends I am blank. I’m just a white piece of paper. The next half an hour I become myself again but always thinking about the movie I saw and what I can learn from it for my own life.

Every movie has a message. I thought everybody can see this. But once there was this guy I met who got nothing out of movies. At first I didn’t believe him but he explained to me that for him movies are just distractions, they give you a pause, a bit of free time to escape your normal life. That’s so sad for him! Because for ME movies are a treasure, an amazing treasure. I said once:

We just have one life but through books and movies we can learn from thousands.

Movies can have so much value, so much to teach you. You can learn from them. I believe that for every person the same movie means something different. They compare the things going on in the movie with the things going on in their life or with things that happened to them in the past.

A movie doesn’t stay the same. We all know that: the movies we loved as kids are now different for us. Maybe we still love them or we ask ourselves: how could I ever watch this?! Because of our experiences we don’t see them with the same eyes anymore. In fact your eyes now are not the same eyes that watched this movie 15 years ago. We changed so the movie changed for us too. That means that movies can always teach you something new. Whatever it is, if it helps you, if it makes you feel sad, if it lifts you up…whatever it is, it’s your gift. You spent your precious time watching it. Why? To get something out of it, right?

So tell me, why do you watch movies?



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